Contract / conference chairs

Flexibility is the key when it comes to contract and conference chairs.
Chairs that are used for these purposes have to meet a very wide range of requirements.
The care and quality that go into the production of our multi talents creates a long service life. 
Whether they are used singly, linked or as a group, they always look good and blend perfectly with their surroundings.


Stools are our little everyday helpers, making life easier for us in all kinds of situations.
Whether in the office, kitchen or in waiting areas. There is almost no end to the variety of uses for a stool.


Make the stay for your guests and customers as pleasant as possible.
Whether in a hotel lobby, waiting room or your office. The perfect armchair creates ambience, and provides well-being.

Create a unique atmosphere and enjoy highest seating comfort with our lounge furniture.


Bar stools

Steadfastness, elegance and sitting comfort are the typical characteristics of our bar stools .
They also makes sure that everything is always in your sight, no matter how busy it is.


Our benches are practical, good looking, robust and functional.
Find the perfect solution for your waiting area or room.