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Restaurants, cafeterias, canteens and private homes.

Design Dipl. Ing. Karl Otto, 1955

If we look back on the 20th century and its outstanding furniture design, there were two particularly productive times during which many memorable designs were turned into reality. They were the 20s and 30s with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Heinz and Bodo Rasch, Carl Fieger, Mart Stam and Alvar Aalto, and the 50s and 60s with Eero Saarinen, CharIes Eames, Harry Bertoia, Max Bill and Egon Eiermann, to name just a few of the big names.

The arno chair belongs in the latter period. Designed in the 50s by L. & C. Arnold Schorndorf, arno was produced in Stendal until around 1960 before fading into obscurity – not least because of political circumstances. After the reissue in 1998, the chair was received with such enthusiasm that all the signs indicate that “new life” has been breathed into an old classic.

The chair looks surprisingly simple thanks to its pared down shape, but that is also the very reason why it sets such visual accents.

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Two leg bars made of round tube 18 x 1.5 mm and 2 cross braces made of round tube 18 x 1.5 mm, all welded together; chrome surface (20 micron bright nickel + 5 micron chrome) powder coating to RAL chart (80 micron)

Seat + backrest
Ergonomically shaped beech laminate, fibreboard thickness 8 mm, 7-ply glued. Finished with environmentally friendly polyurethane-based lacquer, which retains the natural structure of the wood. Natural beech, black stained or painted in opaque colours.

In fabric group 1, 2, 3 or leather

Black plastic glides

arno in natural beech, not upholstered
arno in natural beech, not upholstered
arno in natural beech, seat with padded upholstery
arno in natural beech, seat with padded upholstery
files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/natur.gif   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/weiss.gif   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/h_rot.gif   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/h_dunkelblau.gif   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/grau.gif   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/schwarz.gif
RAL 9003
s / l
RAL 3004
s / l
  dark blue
RAL 5013
s / l
RAL 7024
s / l
RAL 9005
files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/1018 gebeizt.jpg   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/2010 gebeizt.jpg   files/stendal/images/produkte/farben/5012 gebeizt1.jpg
RAL 1018
s / l
RAL 2010
s / l
  light blue
RAL 5012
s / l

s = stained
l = lacquered in opaque colours