Design L&C stendal, 1995

Some things simply can't deny their relationship with the plant world. Even if their actual purpose is something entirely different.
The mescal coat stands bear a certain similarity to the bromeliad-adorned candelabra cactus from the dry expanses of Mexico – but instead of threatening with you with its nasty spikes, the mescal pillars simply wish to relieve you of coats, jackets, scarves and hats.

mescal is a very stable free standing coat stand with standard “shoots” or screw-on ball ends.

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Base of 40 cm steel plate is screwed to 3 pillars in 3 different lengths in round tube 32 x 2 mm, each with 4 coat hooks and 2 rings

3 pillars chrome (20 micron bright nickel + 5 micron chrome), base plate powder coated base in antique silver Full powder coating to RAL chart (80 micron)

Optional coat hooks with ball end optional drip-catcher for umbrellas

Coat stand. Chrome-plated frame. Height: 202cm
Coat stand. Chrome-plated frame. Height: 202cm