Design L&C stendal

Simple elegance in a modern setting: that is the most apt description of the design of L&C star. Whether semi-circular or square tube. High gloss chrome, matt chrome or lacquered.

The table series is perfectly matched to the L&C star chair family. With its thin full-core panel in attractive wood decors, it will enrich any room without dominating it.

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Table frame in round tube 2 table bars in round tube 30 x 2 are mitred and soldered, and welded to 2 frames in rectangular profile 30 x 30 x 2

Chrome (20 micron bright nickel + 5 micron chrome), powder coating to RAL chart (80 micron)

15 mm particleboard, HPL-coated surface as per house collection, edging 3mm ABS or solid edging

How do you establish the maximum space utilisation for a table system?
As a general rule of thumb: Room size minus 260 cm ( = 2 x distance between wall and table edge; see sketch) results in the biggest possible size of the table system. Please remember to allow for radiators, cupboards and doors in your plans. Example: The following calculation applies for a room that is 770 cm long, 580 cm wide with 30 cm radiators: Length:770–260– 30=480 Width: 600 – 260 = 390 The maximum floor space for the table system is 480 x 340 cm.

Table 1600 x 800 round tube
Table 1600 x 800 round tube