Design L&C stendal, 2002

L&C Stendal creates a link to its own traditions with the arcetto collection. That’s because L&C Stendal started writing design history by designing and producing round tube upholstered furniture.

The arcetto armchairs, sofas and side tables are contemporary designs by the Stendal Design Team, which was able to make use of a wealth of experience in the development of round tube upholstered chairs in the design and construction. This is manifest, for instance, in the typical Stendal “hairpin” shape of the underframes.

arcetto is a furniture programme with plenty of comfort that is simply irresistible. It is ideal for use in waiting areas and foyers.

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In round tube 25 x 2 mm, straight tube sections soldered to curved tube elements Upholstery mounting L-profile 20 x 40 x 2 mm and flat steel 20 x 40 x 5 mm

Chrome (20 micron bright nickel + 5 micron chrome)

In imitation leather or fabric group 2 and leather

Black plastic glides

2-seater sofa, chrome frame. Black leather .
2-seater sofa, chrome frame. Black leather .